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Heavenly Ruled Artist

Not to be boxed in, artist, producer, song-writer, and CEO of Bright Knightz Music, Demetri A'Lee, would describe his whole life like The Tale of Two Cities.  From being raised by his father and step-mother in a strict and very discipline oriented household with 5 siblings, to being raised by a single mother, a loving yet fast living woman, who did all she could to cope with raising 5 kids on her own. From the streets to college, from the Mid-west to the south. From structure to streets, from having just enough to eviction notice, from chaos, to peace, from anime to athletics. From comic books, to fights, from the majority to the minority.  From selling drugs to small business owner, from being a player, to faithful husband and father. From hopeless to faith filled, from lost to found, from death, to life. From rapping for the world, to using his gifts to Glorify God.

With a life like this, it's no wonder his music hits you from every angle.  But whether you hear him rap about the streets, the X-Men, his family, social issues, or sin and death, there is a  scarlet thread that runs deep through it all, a message of true hope, the directions for eternal,  the Gospel of Jesus Christ.